Good Reasons To Keep on Writing

Happy Holidays to All. To wrap 2016, a client of mine got a 3 book deal with Random House.

Look! Man (and Woman) can't live by Tweets alone.

I'm not an agent, but I know there have been between  40 and 61 reported new deals made each day so far in December in traditional publishing between the big gate keepers and smaller houses.

Including my client, who retells American history with her contemporary and one-of-a-kind vision we revealed together and positioned first as a brand before we looked to her writing.  And she got a nice six figure deal.

She wasn't famous but she has a brand in place and Random House is rolling with it.  This is more than a platform.

But this isn’t a blog about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. Either way, you're at the helm.

It’s about not giving up on your possibility to have a book to your name, your legacy and even a bestseller to brand.

I know for myself, an author of many books who hashelpedother writers build brands and New York Times bestsellers around theirs, thatwriting is easy!

But it’s not simple.

Yes, book sales (particularly fiction, except kids' books) are down in 2016.

As is virtually every area of retail.

Yes, Amazon is opening new and more brick and mortar bookstores across the country.

True, few authors get 3 book deals and not many writers make the great big money as do competitors in many fields.

But then, many people remain true to their visions either. We all know this.

I've seen many incredibly talented people blast out of the starting gate impatient and okay with not knowing what their true vision is. Then they  get tired, frustrated and lose heart. Their dream is weak and breaks so close to what for some has been ridiculously close to a victory. They don’thave the talent.  They don’t have the support.  All really understandable reasons that they themselves often don’t really understand.

That all begin with a false start.

The trick is, can youfirst do the not always comfortable part of identifyingand being true to your story?

If you aren’t repeatedly and solely swayed by rumors of market preferences in what you think you can or should sell,you have your chance to get to the guts of your real idea. This stands equally true for your first book or those expecting to ride solely off the success of their last one.  You have to keep looking off-center. It's how you get to stand among the few who see above the rules long enough to recognize the rules you're here to break.   Seeing this you can create what is original and valuable.

After digging deep into story for more than 25 years, it’s the only way I know that works.

I have seen this consistently with entrepreneurs, authorsand a few of the biggest brands in the world I have had the opportunity to work with.  We overlook the easiest part, head straight into the struggle and miss out on the simple.

Which is where the great results are.

And the story only you can tell.

Maybe I can help you.

I’d love to hear from you.

And thank you for reading.