Is Sugar Your Best Sales Strategy? And a Prayer, Please

With Halloween, the World Series and the final countdown to this election who needs sugar? Being hyped up higher and higher – half the time I can’t tell the difference between excitement and terror.

Either way, for an overnight camp or a President, sugar as a marketing and sales strategy is hopefully reaching its inevitable crash.

Here’s a sugar story:

I met a man with a l0 dayovernight camp that was booked solid by the end of each session for the following year.  How did he do it?

"Simple."  Three days before camp ended they shifted to their sugar strategy.  First day sugar was added to the meal menus. Second day they bumped the white stuff even higher. The third day was basically an open bar of sugar with a late night party featuring chocolate cakes that kids were almost jumping out of at this point.  And for the frosting -sleep deprivation.

By morning, when excited parents came for their kids, the kids were so strung out they were sobbing. “We don’t want to go home!”

Parents took that as sign their kids shouldn’t miss this opportunity again next year and to not miss a spot, they signed up on the spot.

That’s what this election cycle has felt  like for me - A gigantic sleep away camp for adults who as citizens signed on for the history and got addicted to the hysterics and the sugar.

Now the final days before both political camps go home we're in the spin cycle -a fireworks of sugar, exhaustion, terror and anger and we’re waiting for an adult to come to take us home.  Here we all are.

But I don’t think we’ll be so fast to sign up again for this the next election.  Ultimately, we will only take so much poison.  (That summer camp, btw, I heard was sued and went bankrupt.)

And now a personal request please for prayer for a dearest friend of mine.  While she didn’t get candy Halloween night, she did get an hour organ transplant. You can’t make this stuff up.

Miraculous to think that in one day, a young man who lost his life suddenly and  had donated his organs. unknowinglyleft the one perfect right match to be flown on an ER flight plane across the country to hopefully save hers.  While meanwhile, live inflight video of the organ was being seen simultaneously by my friend in the hospital room. That loving doctors dedicated their lives to trained to do this miraculousll hour surgery on Halloween night while their kids were out looking for candy.

Because of this, I am very muchaware of how extraordinary it is to be alive.  I mean, what are even our odds?  (Never mind the candidates.)

I am so grateful to be blown not so much away but awake to a remembrance of our real powers and possibilities for good beyond imagination.  Nothing feels sweeter.

So whatever the outcome of this election, whatever the odds, I stand for our possibilities.

And thank you sincerely for your quick prayer for Molly. Who may be just an anonymous soul to you.  But you will love her.

Thank you for reading!


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