Do You Know Your Brand’s Ubuntu?

I finally caught up on my “Daily Shows” and watched Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, cheered on set for his interview like he'sa rock star.  And he sure is to me even though I've never even liked coffee. Maybe they were handing out free Frappuccinos but I suspect the love for him has more to do with his Ubuntu and how that goes before him and leads his brand. Schultz was excited to have found the word Ubuntu in South Africa where they opened the first Starbucks in Capetown.

You may know the software server, Ubuntu, but before they went into business, Ubuntu was first uttered300 years ago in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela popularized it under his leadership to become a guiding principle of life meaning as Schultz quoted,“I am what I am because of who we all are.”

And it struck me, that is what a great brand knows and is.

Existing to reveal and share in our talents, products and services real, eternal  human qualities and all the other gooey stuff you've heard over and over that may sound not valuable for your business or too simplistic for “reality.”  It's exciting for me to see Ubuntu is at its very core what defines loved brands that stick from Starbucks to Lady Gaga (a master of understanding her humanity and connection to audience)– to Valle Cleaners (down the street from me, where I wouldn’t go elsewhere.)

It's what people want to have and buy and what you can’t fabricate. You’ve either got Ubuntu or you don’t. Most businesses don't choose activate theirs. Fair enough.

Still it's at the foundation of good story whether you’re a business or an author. It’s the place authenticity actually comes from.

So how can we get started activating this stuff so our business becomes and stays an actual brand?

Here’s a few essentials -  maybe all you need to know:

(l) Your business starts with you.

(2) Your brand is all about them.

(3) You are the author of your story.  And if You’re looking to be read, seen and told to others, know that They are the hero.

(4) Beyond anything we buy hoping for results, change or the onset of our world dominance, people are looking for a surprise experience of being more and never less than who they truly are. Now more than ever.

It is as Desmond Tutu wrote, what Ubuntu is, "our humanity inextricably connected.”

It is not simplistic and it is simple. That is once you get past the not so easy part.

Perhaps you won’t see world peace –but you can see some actual joy, real profits and purpose in doing what you are here to do day after day.

That’s your art.

Your Ubuntu.

When you get to simple, everything else gets easier.

Making it easier is what I help people do.

Are you ready for that?

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Thanks for reading