'Desperately Seeking' the Next Bestselling Book and Brand

Hello! For the first time in three years, Ihave an opening to privately coach and full out dedicate my energy to the victory of one new non-fiction author looking to position him or herself as a bestseller and a brand - even before they have written a word.

I am presently completing my work on Book 3 of a three-book deal seen through from inception with a wonderful client and New York publishers that so far has produced two bestsellers and a burgeoning brand.

For those of you who have asked me to let you  know when I have the time to take on a new author in  this capacity, the time is now.

If this could be for youplease send me a quick e-mail and lets set up a call over the next few days.

I am best for someone who knows their book is born to also be a brand,  has a story that won't let them go, a fervent ambition to go the distance (whatever that might be), and the willingness to “think off center” whenneeded.

I am grateful to you for reading and also sharing if you think someone you know might be interested.