What I Learned About Your Brand From “The Voice” and Miles Davis

by Leah Komaiko  

Brand gurus are everywhere if you listening for them. Call me slow on the uptake, but this is my first season finally catching the mega hit show, “The Voice.” And I feel I’ve discovered gold.  Because I have - about our brands.

Because if you’re trying to build or grow your business or book as a brand, you have a voice, too.

Its job is to express the meaning that connects with and touches our hearts.

Meaning is what makes you your money. It’s what people buy. How you make them feel.

Your business may not be cutting recordsand you may not have any business even singing in the shower.  But some of the wisdom I found myself jotting down from the Superstars coaches given to "The Voice" incredibly gifted hopefulsmay have brand meaning for you as it does for me.  Plus, it’s got a lot of truth.

“If you want to be their only choice – the choice they have no other choice but to choose,  you have to really put your soul into every word.” Adam Levine

“You have so much in that voice of yours its pretty amazing.” Gwen Stefani

“Don’t let perfection be the veil between you and your opportunity – you don’t need perfection.” Pharrell Williams.

“The more you show of yourself the more people connect to you.”   Adam Levine

“Don’t be afraid to hit your note.” Rihanna

“You have such an incredible gift and it doesn’t run out at a certain age.” Selena Gomez

“There’s an earnestness and a heart you can put in this to make it very signature.” Brad Paisley

“I think the worst thing you could ever do is blend in. Why would you ever want to blend in?   Blake Shelton

And finally, from Miles Davis, who of course is not on “The Voice” and at the end of his life. after the removal of cancerous nodes from his vocal chords didn't even have one. But his trumpet's voice,  legendary brand and soul said:

"Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

That never stops moving me.

Look, you don’t set the world on fire until you know who you uniquely are.   But you can sure burn through more time, money and your precious enthusiasm trying.

It’s just frustrating. No matter how successful your company or product or book and big ideas.

It sounds like it should be so simple. And it is.   After you get it.

Perhaps I can help you.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your sharing if you feel moved.