Does Your Brand Plan Have a Parasite?

It was not in my plan for my stomach to go south. But 8 months ago, for the first time in my life, it did and I started learning a lot about parasites. Not visible on the outside and a host of them, or other creepy sleeping creatures, lurking around on the inside that can become a deadly problem should the critters wake up or you get an especially bad parasite. The doctor’s tests showed I did. I named it Peter. But no matter how much broth and band-aids and money and patience I threw at Peter, he wouldn’t budge and my life was getting worse. Until last week when I bit the bullet and took the RX parasite bomb. Apparently it called up an ISIS of Peters into action.


But it’s got me thinking about our brands and parasites – and how some really smart, successful people reach out to me every week when something in their big ideas, great products, or services has stopped them from moving to the next. But like a parasite, they can’t see it.

That’s because, as a parasite lives inside the tummy, your brand lives on the inside too – of your potential customer’s hearts and minds.

But just because it’s invisible and intangible, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful and mighty – for good or for not.

Are any of these 3 parasites lying dormant right now in your plan?

  1. You didn’t have a brand plan to begin with. You’re not alone. You didn’t realize knowing who you are is really is likely your only chance at this point for becoming or staying their brand.
  2. You have a story you really believe in but you haven’t given them a real reason to believe in you.
  3. You’re figuring out ways to get thousands to “Like” but you haven’t figured out why they even should.

A host of bad diseases can begin in anybody’s guts. And if you’re having a real hold-up in moving ahead with your book or company, no matter the size or how successful you’ve been, look first to your inside - your brand. Like your stomach, you can strengthen it and make it better than ever you imagined. Or, better yet, get it right from the git-go.

You can’t do what you do, build the business you build, and see yourself under a microscope all that the same time.

But maybe I can help you. No unpleasant tests or colonoscopies. Let’s just talk and be sure your brand, like my gut, is not “leaky.”

You can’t set the world on fire until you see who you are.

Thank you for reading and, if you wish, sharing!