Are You Marketing With Your Socks Over Your Shoes?

by Leah Komaiko As a child, my parents tried to psych me into not quitting violin lessons by having me meet an old violinist whose student was once Albert Einstein.

But the thing that got me was not this man’s tales of teaching Einstein but the private dish he had on him. Seems Albert’s head was so wrapped in thinking up the theory of relativity that he came dressed to one fiddle lesson oblivious he had left home with his socks on over his shoes.

albert-einstein shoes 2
albert-einstein shoes 2

Years later, word got out to the trivia loving press that Einstein didn’t see the point of having to be bothered with both socks and shoes. So he nixed the socks for life.

I nixed the violin but never forgot a visual of Einstein’s socks over his shoes, especially these past two plus decades as a brand specialist. Because like you, many of the entrepreneurs, authors and some of the world’s biggest brands I work with have a lot in common with Einstein.

For starts, they have genius in their ideas and big possibilities. And they know it. But they give precious time, enthusiasm and money to marketing strategies without first understanding the importance of or bothering with their most valuable asset– their brand.

It’s like putting your socks on over your shoes. Then these same brilliant people are disappointed and frustrated. They don’t get why all the terrific tools they’ve got in their kit can’t build voice, connect emotion or get their business to evolve as they know it is meant to.

Socks are ripped and stretched out of shape and shoes can’t get their owners down the sidewalk. So now neither tool is doing its job.  Your brand, the intangibles that create the universal reasons people choose what you have to offer over and over is your socks.

Your marketing are shoes - the tools that help you hit the streets and get your word and message out there. Be those tools social media, podcast, ads, extraordinary visuals and a plethora of other styles.

So what’s the result of Einstein’s no sock story?  Google’s honor, he started to have a world of problems that doctor after foot doctor couldn’t help him with. It was too late. His feet just got flatter, more painful so stinky that for years you could buy an odor buster product called “Einstein’s Smelly Feet.”

I work with people who suspect there’s genius in there and just can’t quite reach its meaning, universal value or power. No matter how big the dollar signs on their shoes. Sadly, too often they wait till their feet really stink.

You are so busy creating product and service and fulfilling it for the people who need you most that you can’t see yourself all alone. None of us can. Because as even Einstein himself said, “nobody can be a genius every day.”

But if you are ready to make a start at it, lets talk.

Thank you for reading and sharing.  I so appreciate it.