So Good It Has to Be True -

Greetings! In honor of the Easter and Passover holidays this weekend, it’s a joy to intro you (if you don’t already know it) to:

This is giving like I’ve never known giving (no wallets need open here). No strings attached. I wish Paul Newman was alive today to see this. It's the most exciting and revolutionary (yes, I use that word hardly never)  giving I've seen done by a company (this one is anonymous) since Newman's Own was founded.

Just one catch: At this site, you're asked to look for anonymous good happening in your daily life, do a good act for a stranger anonymously or receive one and then post it briefly and anonymously on their site.

For each good act posted, anonymous corporate sponsors (really –you have no idea who they are) give 50 cents toward doing good anonymously in the world as established in different challenges. I hope you'll watch their video.

In the early 90’s,I was fortunate to be a developer and producer on a pioneering and highly successfulcause marketing project in America. I got to work with a few others over the following years and now to observethe current "corporate responsibility" renaissance of giving back. Customers in this age of social media came to expect companies to have a giving back/paying forward mindset if they wanted our society's lost trust back and our money.

Now it seems the flame on these initiatives is starting to die. Their intentions may be good, but consumers have tired of all the strategically marketed do-gooding that has them giving back often more than the companies are putting in. As a result, now we're back to not trusting.

So what have I learned from this?

How we give and what we give in our businesses or book (like in the rest of our lives) is about so much more than money. It's how much we trust you and your motivation for giving money or whatever you have to give that rocks us. How that giving and good awakens us to more of ourselves. And you can't make that stuff up. You have to mine it from within. It's the intangibles; those qualities that can’t be measured on a spreadsheet (the ones most companies pay little attention to) that bring naturally the best and most lasting results of the most successful brands. And those intangibles, your unique reason and love of giving is the voice of your story.

It's makes me happy to have this site to post and read about all the good done anonymously every day. The media has all the anonymous bad covered.

Life is good!

Happy Holidays and thank you for reading.