You Had Me at Hello. (Why I Fell For a Box of Water)

by Leah Komaiko What if after all is written, designed, said and done –your customers choose you (or not) because of one simple word?

I did that yesterday.

When I went to my neighborhood café a box of water said “hello” to me. And I was not on any funny stuff. Like everybody else in California, I was just looking for some water.

But they didn't have a bottle. Only water in a box.

I had never heard of such a thing. But the box was surprisingly easy to hold and drink from and somehow I felt younger. It was like being back in grammar school sipping from my milk container only this one was more than five cents and uber cool. It had simple black and white letters with these words only BOXED WATER IS BETTER. Talk about standing for something!

Now my first ever box of water was making me feel responsible because one panel told why the box was better for the planet than plastic; that the trees they used came from certified, forests and that the container is BPA Free, which I liked (although I didn't know what it meant.)


Plus it tasted really good. But it was the last side on the box that got me with one lone word in script. “hello.”

This box was talking to me. Me!

Just one person working alone in a crowded café and being surprised by a company that remembered I was a real person. I appreciated that. And nothing else after mattered. I bought three more boxes on my way out.

Which is to say human understanding and kindness is as necessary for survival as water.

Branding and marketing at its best and most effective is about so much more than the survival of your business. It’s about the connection, concerns, and considerations of each other.

I do have the secret word or formula that will work every time for you. There is no secret. Authenticity is not a strategy.

It’s the organic outcome of knowing and rising up to the story only you are here to tell. And as simple as that might sound, it’s the hardest thing for most businesses to get to.

How can I help you?

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