Good News - Santa Isn't Dead And Neither is Publishing

by Leah Komaiko

As Mark Twain once wrote, “The news of my death is greatly exaggerated.”  And he knew what he was talking about. 104 years later he’s still alive in print!

So pocket your funeralhankies. Contrary to what we may be hearing out there- thepublishing biz is alive and kicking.

I was talking with a favorite New York editor last week who told me about all the new publishing jobs she sees posted from New York to San Francisco. Then in Publisher’s Lunch the first day of last week alone; 40 new deals were announced. ( if you're not already on it.)

These deals include a non fiction book about success and failure by J.K. Rowling, a debut novel, two books on finance, a new history of the world, “The Urban Monk,” a cook book, a different history of the world and a memoirto name a few. And if kids are your thing, children’s and YA books continue to lead allindustry growth. I know this because my client, a best selling middle grade author just got signed by a major New York publisher for 5 more books as she’s finishing her third on contract.)

A wonderful independent book store (remember those?) just opened it’s third location in Manhattan and meanwhile book sales at Costco and Walmart, for starts are high. The world still needs and reads good writing.

Seems publishing, like most other industries, governments, climates, nations and my friends and family I love areshifting to the core.  Publishing for a long time was just dangling on the brink of that shift.  Now it’s shifting and changing I think for an exciting better.

There are deals to be gotten out there. It may be hard to get the biggest deals but it always has been. Why shouldn't it be?  An original voice; a valuable message, a fresh approach and great writing is what keeps publishing — traditional and otherwise breathing and profitable.  Period.

So hold onto your Santa hats, hopes and book bindings.  It can be a bumpy right out there.  But the most terrifying ride is usually the one that lives between our ears when we don’tat least make an attempt to go for the work we are here to do.

The trick now in publishing is not only knowing your platform but knowing if your book is a brand — even before you write a word. This is how for 20 yearsI'vehelped authors including myself get big deals and stick on the New York Times Bestseller list and make their books into businesses.

I’m not Santa but I do have room on my lap to work with one last book-to-brand author in 2015.


If you'd like this to be your year,  I’d like to hear from you today and lets see if we may be a match.

Thank you for Reading!