So Simple Only a Child Can Do It!

Leah's Blog: If you’re trying to assembleyour simple IPhone, doorbell or other way cool piece of technology and like me have no IT degree or patience; you may be on to the humbling truth in advertising. That it’s so simple ONLY a child can do it.They see simple easier. And that's why I'm off to find a child.

And why we admire greatly the children in grown up bodies who create and run businesses we call “genius." With our without a Genius Bar.

Steve Jobs was one of them and he knew what he was talking about when he said:

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Here’s what else simple does for you:

  1. Roots you in your truth and genuine story.
  2. Gives you some joy and your enthusiasm for what you're doing back.
  3. Opens the floodgate to creating and delivering product, services and books that truly give you a chance at beingmore than just another commodity in the marketplace.

And best, simple sticks!  Simple sticks because if you get it right and true to you, it gets to the heart first. Head second. And great brands always speak to our hearts first.  And we feel a part of them.   It's simple but not always soeasy.

You don’t need to be out to change the world or make millions. You have to want to make money, serving the people you are here to serve while not wasting your best efforts and precious time doing it.

In my experience consulting with small businesses, bestselling authors, and some of the world’s largest brands; getting to your simple is the most valuable and curiously underused tool and step most businesses ever takes.  To many complex still 'sounds' cooler than simple.

My brand rootscomefrom first being the author of many bestselling books for kids. I learned a lot about what makes someone and something simple and memorable. And here’s what I learned from being a guest with about 140,000 kids in schools all across the country:

When they sit in assembly on the gym floor supposedly “all ears” and their eyes are out in oblivion, they’re picking their noses or the kid's nose next to them; you’ve slipped out of simple.  When you’re simple, they’re delighted and you know it.

Same is true with our adult, grown up business audiences.  Only difference is they get to pick up immediately and move on. Kids in schools are stuck there until till the bell rings. Remember?

If you’re struggling too much to succeed in your business or with your book at any level, ask a child to simply describe what they think you offer to other people.

If they can’t help you put this together, maybe you and I should talk.  I'd be delighted to.

Please e-mail me and I'll get back quickly.

Thank you for reading!