It's All About the Lighting (and Jeff Goldblum)

Leah's Blog: This week I was at a branding conference at a very hip hotel in Beverly Hills. Living in L.A.; we are a city that well deserves making some fun of and you need a sense of humor just to step into this hotel. Because it’s (almost) wall to wall mirrors and glass and relentlessly bad lighting from the lobby to the bathroom stalls.

Enter the actor, Jeff Goldblum (if only), in thisGE ad. This brings sexy to the bulb andtakes GEfrom bringing“good things to life” to bringing the most coveted quality any brand can bring to life: some light.

Have you seen this?

No matter what the products or services you may be offering on whatever budget, level or voice- bringing light that is relevant, respectful and profitable is not as obvious and easyas it sounds like it should be.

It is actually deceptively simple and remarkably overlooked by most businesses looking to stand out in a saturated market. And it’s a key to the best lit brands:

Simple core values that may be invisible to the eye but brand together all the innovation, technology, social media and cool bells and whistles:

Play well with others. Treat others as you would like others to treat you. Be compassionate. Be full of enthusiasm but not too full of yourself.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 or a fortune teller:

Be the story only you are here to tell.

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