by Leah Komaiko

Has this scenario ever happened to you?

You wake one day to find you’re an adult with a grown up consulting practice or products or a book you’re working your hardest to make and sustain as a successful business. You know you’ve got a big idea, you know you’ve got the goods and you know you don’t have time to mess around. But this one day, you’re trying like mad to market this mess and make real not Monopoly money. You’re getting more “f-it!” frustrated by the second.

You sense you might be on the ledge of your transformational brand breakthrough but then, without warning, you discover what you’re really on is the brink of a tears tsunami the likes of which you haven’t felt welling up inside you since you were a child.  And then literally (or if not in a p.c. location – figuratively) you find yourself throwing yourself to the ground and crying out, for your, “MOMMY!””

All your memory knows is, if you cry long enough, eventually she’ll come, kiss the boo boo and the scary disaster will disappear in a heart beat.  Ah..if only today.

But what if we can still “kiss-off” our own boo-boos?

My work for twenty- five years has been helping business owners, authors and some of the world’s biggest brands identify and amplifythe heart of their clear and simple brand story to build and grow loved and lasting brands.

The solution is almost based in something far simpler than we’ve thought it needed to be.  We discover “The Emperor may still have a few clothes,” but nothing you’re going to covet.  We landing up seeing, being energized by and amplifyingyour value with strategies that are more organic to us and not just the branding and marketing tools and ideas that work for the very rare few with big fat budgets.  We discover that in fact you can’t follow the crowd and stand out from them at the same time.  

And to accomplish this magic feat requires a trained ear.  I am that ear and brand evangelist. And for the rest of August I would like (to if not be your Mommy,) offer that ear and help five of you kiss-off a brand boo-boo or two.  Organically; in the way that can help you!

Do you know what’s throwing you to the ground in your business?  What if it is something so much simpler than what you imagine?  Would you be willing to let that struggle go?

I am excited to offer 5 complimentary 30 minute consults with me for the first time this year.

Please e-mail me at  Subject line it: Brand Boo Boo!

Tell me a little bit about your business; what’s almost bringing you to tears and include your website and e-mail.

I will get back to the first 5 people who reach out.  We’ll set up a time to speakand see what we can do to get you back to working your magic.

Together, let us let the good times roll!


*And if you have a friend who you think will get value from reading this will you please consider forwarding or posting?  I will be very grateful.