by Leah Komaiko

If you have not heard his highness’ classic hit,“Lets Go Crazy;”  get ye to YouTube or better his 1984 film "Purple Rain.” Then perhaps witness as I did again today what sparks the birth of a great brand.

Simply, somebody goes crazy. Somebody “gets nuts.”  Not crazy like we need to get you a conservatorship or crazy like the world may seem to be today.  But rather your own unique brand of crazy- the one that if you’re lucky can then make you crazy like a fox.

Have you heard a successful brand founder or two in interview say, “it all just started as a crazy idea"? They knew what they were talking about.

Whether rocker or realtor, the great brand seed first sprouts when someone has an idea or vision that won’t let them go.  They know they’ve got the goods and that somehow drives or divinely shoves them to step outside the box, dangle off the lid and turn this thing upside down.

Take Prince.  It would have been extraordinary enough for anybody to have one finger full hismulti-talents. But what put Prince and keeps him always beyondthe “cutting edge” and on to the far more valuable creative edge isfrom his very first album,  Prince refused to record his first unless he was also the producer.  To the record business of the late 70's, this was pure insanity.

But Prince’s ideadidn’t seem at all crazy to him.  That was and remains his special crazy.  Not only all the visibly “crazy stuff, strategies and shenanigans that let the true crazy exist as a business. He was writing, singing and hearing it his way -breaking the rules.

When you know your true crazy it canleadthe way. All the marketing tools and strategies and social mediathen become your servants.  Otherwise we're working for them. And that's when our brands don’twork. Regardless the size of your budget.  But we're just nuts enough to lose ourselves trying to make them work same old way over and over again.

Differentiating is not just about what makes you different.  It’s what then makes a difference to your audience.

Seems that ultimately only if we canget out of control that we can then have a chance at getting any of it.

That’s how the good times can roll. Recognizing, trusting and implementing your own brand of “crazy” can be exciting and terrifying and mostly hard to do on our own. That’s where I can come in.



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(And for more Prince, check him out on "Princetagram."