And with respect to the late, great Janis Joplin and "Bobbie McGee" (if you're around long enough to remember the hit song); freedom is “not just another word for nothing left to lose.” But freedom is a power word for what happens when you give up what’s worth losing and gain new possibilities.

It’s an inspired word if you have a business and you're aspiring now to also be their brand and not just another commodity.

It’s a word for letting go and being audacious, if that's right for you.

Or maybe you'll start with being just a little bold.

It’s a warm word for being humble, not humiliated by what you are calling your competition.

It’s for realizing you are unique and born to be one of a kind and so is every client and customer you serve.

It’s an exciting word for thinking outside the box but still living on the lid. For not thinking so linearly but still creating strategically.

For getting at last that you can't stand out from the crowd and follow them at the same time.

So what's your pleasure?

Freedom is an amazingly simple identifying word for a brand. And for a brand story. Simple but not easy to birth on your own.  Not easy to see what it is you truly stand for on our own.

Or then stay true to it as you grow. New problems and all. It is the core one word identity of the art and soul of the world’s greatest living brand.

You know it’s great because 2014 years later, people all over the worldare still craving to be a part of it. Brand blemishes and all.  They're even giving up their lives for it it in this moment as we light up the barbecue.

Happy Birthday, USA!!

Thank you for reading.

Have anyquestion about your brand or that book you are hoping will also turn into a brand?

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