Perhaps it’s because I don’t date enough that I find myself in the grocery store checking out the iconic men stacked on shelves and wondering. What makes these guys so darned brand beautiful? Last week I was choosing between the Chef on the Cream of Wheat Box and Wolfgang Puck. Today it was the pumped Brawny Paper Towels guy v. Paul Newman.

These are two different, highly successful product lines; both with good looking guys standing for businesses with well meaning and branded giving-back programs. But I went with Paul. Not only because even dead and illustrated his eyes still follow you around the store, but because since they began  in 1980; Newman’s Own has given back the old fashioned way. They just give it.  Without a lot of hoopla or strings attached.  Because as Newman himself said, “what could feel better?”

Granted it’s an extraordinary company whose model is to give 100  percent of their profits to charity. Newman was a maverick then and the company is considered cutting edge today. They knew and live by what it takes to be a chosen and iconic brand - You need a purpose beyond just selling your products and services for being in business.

And if what you believe in  happens to include giving, then just give it. The scale or amount –whether it’s a dollar, a teleseminar or a sample of your home made marinara sauce, doesn’t make any difference.

Just giving does. Give genuinely. Try  even giving something without first being “liked” on Facebook, or receiving a 5 star review on “Yelp” from your customers. I know it’s become standard procedure but that doesn’t always  mean it’s a good procedure.

Think of it like  giving to the people you personally love just because. And because what could feel more obvious to the “receiver” than that inner icky feeling you get and don't forget when a whole bunch of strings come attached with what’s given.

No matter how nicely wrapped the gift may be.

As simplistic as it may seem, try giving what you’ve got  like Newman's own:  “in shameless pursuit of the common good.”

And see what comes back to you.    I’d love to hear what you discover.   Or any questions you may have.

Thank you for Reading