You’ve got to admire this chick. She’s an archetype, an icon of American culture and fashion,100 years old and still wears a miniskirt. And though she’s traipsed through puddles since 1914,her tights are white and no bunions pop out of her Mary Jane shoes.She’s unstoppable. She is the symbol of life in motion, purity and reliability and as her centennial tagline says, she’s “still the one.” She promised ,“when it rains it pours.” She delivers and has the trail of salt and cash behind her to prove it.

So what’s her secret? A lesson for me here is in the rebranding or rather lack of it. No big facelifts just a little fluffing. It’s not only because Morton owns the salt category or ‘if it’s not broken why fix it.' It’s that if you start fixing, you risk breaking beyond repair.  Think thieving your own identity.

I talk to people often who say they think it’s time to rebrand. But your brand is your identity. If you’re their chosen brand, you stand for something trusted in their hearts and minds.

Doesn’t mean you can’t grow your brand and change and refresh your look.  Life changes, time changes. You’ve got to grow. Trick is how to be strategic about growing around and with what you stand for and we trust.

For her 100th birthday, they lightened up The Salt Girl’s dark roots, given her a few rain accessories and rounded up her lettering very subtly along with her jaw line.

The day the Morton Salt Girl shows up on that canister with a Jennifer Lawrence haircut, a trench coat and Avril Lavigne’s tattoos to “modernize the look” because people like it these days, may be the unraveling of this old gal’s ageless skin.

As a brand, switch up your shoes, or spruce up your logo a bit or redo your website but keep in mind first what do I stand for?  How why does that matter to people?  If you are rebranding perhaps it’s looking at your true brand for the first time or anew.  Know the identity that differentiates you, positions you and that you know in your heart you stand for because it just is who you are. You were born with it. It's your best asset.

Anyone can pay to file with the government and protect their business identity with a Trademark.  But getting and keeping a Trustmark is not easy to come by. These are invisible, fragile and easy to lose.

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