Michelangelo might roll over in his tomb to read his name in the same subject line with a word like marketing. But let’s face it. We wouldn’t know  “Michel” as the iconic genius he is today if it weren’t for the fact that 450 years ago he was out marketing first to get that  “David” gig. Granted, he didn’t have to futz with Google Ad words but the bottom line technology remains the same today as it’s always been: marketing is storytelling.

So where does one find the better stories? In my experience as a storyteller and brand builder for over 20 years,the best stories are the ones that are right under our noses.  The hardest ones to see and then the ones too many  toss off as being “slim pickings.” The appropriately audacious ones we don’t think we “should tell” in business. The ones clients have first told me,  “it sounds too much like me. It won’t work. "That's too simple.”

But the fact is - the best brands are simple.

And as Einstein once said, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” That’s likely why the world’s great brands work so very hard to get and look simple and stay that way.

Michelangelo worked like crazy but his simple genius came from this bottom line belief and story - that as an artist, his responsibility to himself,  his patrons and God was to find the sculpture in every marble. The sculpture that was under his nose before a speck could be physically seen.

And that is how,by the way, Michelangelo won the commission. His competition took one look at the raw marble materials/the features to work with and said, "not enough here. Pass."

Is that what you do with the brilliant raw materials you are given to worth with?

Michelangelo later  quoted about his masterpiece,“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

And what he saw anew, one chisel at a time were anatomical features the likes of which no one had ever sculpted before that changed art forever. Talk about starting a movement!

You don’t have to be an immortal genius or have an Italian cathedral budget to tell your best story. Actually, our stories are the one tool that put us all on a level  playing field.  It’s not about budget. It’s about knowing the story only you can possibly tell. The art and soul of your vision that is relevant to others.

Your story is so much more than a nice tale to tell. It's  the  real bottom line. So simple, many overlook it. If anything anywhere along the line is not working,”look first to your story. It is why people relate to you and what gives your product and service meaning. It prompts your daily enthusiasm,innovation, brand strategies and best chance at making real profits. It stops the financial and time  emotional bleeding lost to be different/to stand out so you are more than just another commodity. It’s how customers and clients choose you to be their brand!

Are you ready to see what's right under your nose and get on with building "the angel" you know is there?

If so, I'd love to speak with you.


Thank you so much for reading and for passing this blog along to another you think may appreciate it.