Some bug ‘got me’ and has made these last two weeks a nose blowing palooza,    Yesterday I ventured out to fetch a treat - the prettiest box of Kleenex I could find. When you have a product that creates a brand new category and you’re first to the market with it; customers aren’t asking where’s the tissues isle or the Puffs or the Angel Soft?” It’s “which way to the Kleenex?”  And no, I don’t want the cheaper Rite Aid brand even if it is “exactly the same as Kleenex.”   It doesn’t mean the same thing to me.   And meaning is what your brand story is for.

It’s not like Kleenex reinvented the nose. They just changed our hearts and minds about how we blow it.

That kind of change stems authentically and organically from the foundation of your story.  So I wondered, what’s theirs?

Seems it began in l923 with a simple value - dedication to useful innovation. Kimberly Clark was launching their first ever consumer product called Kotex.  The world wasn’t quite ready for disposable feminine hygiene and the pads crashed into a mountain of left over crepe wadding. Now what?  Sticking to their story of innovation; the pads got sent back to the lab to see what they could do with the stuff. They broke the Kotex down to a single sheet and Eureka!

Seems they fell upon creating the first disposable tissue for taking off cosmetics with cold cream.    Kotex was now Kleenex! “The Movie Stars’ Secret.” The Kleenex launch had lift off but it wasn’t until a male employee admitted he blew his nose into the sheets and loved it that Kleenex exploded.  The new nose was born, the cloth hanky was dead.  The world was ready to blow and throw.

But what about the rest of us business owners and authors who aren’t mega icons?  How can we compete?  Your authentic story well known and told is the one tool that puts all businesses on a level playing field regardless of how big your size and budget.  It’s your best if not only chance to stop struggling to compete to be everyone's commodity and become somebody’s loyal brand.    And it’s the tool most commonly overlooked or misunderstood by companies.

So what’s your story?  Are you tossing out your best shot- the bits and pieces of your real voice and story that you’re sure are not useable and replacing them with what you’re sure “sounds perfect?  But what if you’ve just got it upside down?  Stand for being what you know is unique to your perspective if you want to have a chance at adding relevant meaning that is trusted by me.   That’s what the new world is ready for, choosing and buying over and over again. That's nothing to sneeze at.  And that's where I come in.

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Thank you for reading!