“I'm delighted to have experienced the sweet genius of Leah Komaiko...”


Young Leah_My Story

My Story.

I was always aware that there's more going on than meets the eye. Literally.

I had a problem with my eyes and I saw pretty much everything in double until I was 11 years old. Two trucks where others saw one. Two of you, two of me, four of my identical twin aunts, Gertie and Sophie (which was really mind blowing for a 4-year-old). The problem was surgically corrected, but my creativity and curiosity continued to cultivate an ability to help others see a bigger picture—more brilliance, richer stories, more options, connections and possibilities. 

“OMG, Leah…after years of working and planning, I'm glad I was smart enough to hire you to help brand my baby before launching her out into the world. Your unique insights clarified everything.”

—Linda Sivertsen, Bookmama.com, New York Times Bestselling Author


This different perspective has landed me clients like Liz Claiborne, McDonald’s, Disney, Philosophy Skincare, Lenovo and Mattel. It’s helped me uncover meaningful new directions and successes for entrepreneurs, authors, Olympic sports figures, and even an acclaimed rapper.

I’ve been in the branding business for 25 years, but at my core I’m a writer—a bestselling author of over 20 books for children. I got my first client, a Fortune 100 company, when I discovered a simple connection and how it could change their business: The impulse that leads a child to pick one book off a shelf every time with a hundred choices is the same impulse that makes a customer choose a brand again and again.

My memoir, Am I Old Yet?, was optioned by Hollywood. I speak in the national media, on stages, in boardrooms and in schools across America.