“I'm delighted to have experienced the sweet genius of Leah Komaiko...”


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My Story.

My parents were classical musicians who believed art was for creative and inspired people and business was for everybody else. So, from an early age we were steeped in and steered towards the arts —especially the works of the masters.

But the only masterpiece I saw was the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, the day it came rolling up our street in Chicago. Here was a hot dog and mustard architecture on wheels. With a man named Little Oscar who told us a story about Oscar Meyer’s dream. A jingle played over and over and we got free hot dog whistles! I was 6 years old and mesmerized. A work of art that had it all! Plus, moolah! I had seen my first brand. From then on, I knew there was plenty of genius in business. And I began to listen and look for it.

“OMG, Leah…after years of working and planning, I'm glad I was smart enough to hire you to help brand my baby before launching her out into the world. Your unique insights clarified everything.”

—Linda Sivertsen, Bookmama.com, New York Times Bestselling Author


At my core, I am a writer; and the author of 20 books for children, including a few modern classics. I got my first branding client, a Fortune 100 company, because I discovered a valuable connection between a loved bedtime story and a brand that sticks.

That thing that gets a child to pick the same book down off a shelf every time when she’s got 50 others to choose from, is the same instinct that makes a customer choose you today above all others as their brand. There’s a fresh surprise, delight, and connection at every turn.

I’ve worked in a mix of business categories and subjects. My clients include start-ups, venture capital firms, an Olympic champion, and some of the world’s biggest brands. I have watched clients get a big deal on Shark Tank. I was a Marketing Director for a beloved skincare company. I authored a memoir for grown-ups that was bought by Hollywood.

Let’s turn your intangibles into real magic that connects and converts to more impact for your customers and moolah for you.

Here’s to your masterpiece!