“Leah’s insight helped us transform into a brand far beyond the product. She’s fast, thoughtful and you know she cares.We needed help in communicating and crafting my brand story. I now have an easy, clear direction and intention behind every decision I make—something I didn’t have before working with her.” 

—TODD KELLY, Owner, Better Together Baking Company


Let's Work Together.

People don’t just buy what you sell. They buy how you make them feel and the stories you give them to tell others. Let’s give them something worth talking about. 

Brand Story

Unless you operate with a ginormous marketing budget today, story is your best, if not only, chance to be more of who you are. To differentiate yourself uniquely as more than a commodity. To connect and convert. It begins with unlocking any hidden genius that gums up the works of who you truly are.

Story is more than a tagline, your logo or an “about us.” It goes emotionally beyond finding “your why” and it’s expressed in every area, nook and cranny of your business. It gives you energy to build and keep growing. Story is your purpose and vision; your identity, values, personality, promises and the reason why anyone would care. Tell your real story and you’re telling their story. You resonate.

Brand Strategies

The purpose driven story is your foundation and compass for planning any brand strategy. It leads an organic way to making choices that are in league with what you offer and don’t compromise who you are. You get to compete less and create more. Let’s plan for your magic.

Finding the language that sounds like you, feels personal to them and acts like powerful word of mouth requires word-smithing. I will help you write your story. I can brainstorm your ideas, edit, structure content or simply be an extra set of eyeballs on copy you need to launch. I’ve delivered content in mediums across the board.


Books To Brand

The hard part of writing a book is writing the wrong one. To discover, hours or months in, you missed the story that only you are here to tell is grueling. For non-fiction authors, I help you identify your story and position it to be a best seller even before you write a word.

Hire Leah To Speak

 I have inspired audiences of all sizes to discover the true power of a unique story and the role it plays in building a profitable business. My interactive and entertaining presentations invite audiences to discover for themselves a disarmingly simple track to the best of who they are in five minutes or less.

I’ve spoken to over l00,000 people at conferences and from boardrooms to elementary classrooms. Many years ago, I was among the first women comics to take the mic at the Improv in Hollywood. That’s where I learned that a successful business is like a comedy routine: audiences decide in the first eight seconds whether or not you’re going to bomb.

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