Leah’s Story

I am the only person I know whose parents said, “we didn’t send you to college for you to go into business.”

My parents were classical musicians who believed business was for the uncreative. So to encourage their children to seek the arts, we were steeped in symphonies, plays, books and art museums to gaze at the masterpieces.

But the only masterpiece that got my heart pounding was the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile the day it rolled up our street in Chicago. It had breathtaking design and color. “Little Oscar” handed out free whistles and hotdogs. I felt a part of Oscar’s club-that Oscar knew me somehow. The Wienermobile played a jingle that I (and the rest of the world) have never forgotten. At six, I was hooked on the synergy of story, art, hot dogs, business, and some kind of magic beyond the five senses. Or what I call a brand.

Years later, I got my first consulting hire with one of the world’s biggest brands because then the author of many successful kids’ books, I saw an exciting connection between the core of a simple kid’s story and the positioning of an iconic brand. For twenty- five years, I have helped entrepreneurs, authors, non-profits and Fortune 500’s identify and build the value of their simple but not easy stories into their strategies, products, services, and plans for future growth.

My clients have included Liz Claiborne, McDonald’s, Philips, Disney, Philosophy Skincare, Lenovo and Mattel; bestselling authors, small business owners, entrepreneurs; major non-profits, celebrities and an Olympic champion. I’ve been seen in national media, heard at several business conferences, on stage at the Improv Club and in front of over 100,000 kids in schools across the country. They taught me about market research. I have written content across the corporate board as well as a memoir that was bought by Hollywood.

I believe in the purpose and power of your unique voice in your business and the benefits of trusting and telling the story no one else can tell. That’s what makes your business a brand and your brand a masterpiece. weinermobile2