What Others Say

“Leah knows story and what can give yours the edge to become a bold brand. Her work has inspired me for years and if you don’t believe it, just ask me.”
Jamie Lee Curtis Author, Actress, Activist

“Thank you Leah for giving such beautiful voice to each and every brand you touch.”
Cristina Carlino Founder, Philosophy Skincare

“Leah was referred to me as having a unique ability to get to the heart of a business’s simple story and big picture for growth. Having worked with the best, I was skeptical. But she helped reveal surprising new insights that were right under my nose. Our profits are up and so is my enthusiasm since Leah helped me remember why I started this in the first place.”
Robert Schwartz Entrepreneur, Founder,Tarrytown Executive Conference Center

“Leah got our story quickly and showed us the bigger picture of where we needed to be and what our customers expect. That gave me and our marketing team confidence from the beginning. With Leah’s enthusiasm, unique approach and her personality on our side, I knew our first social marketing project would be a big hit. And I was right!”
Jerry Chazen Co-Founder and former CEO, Liz Claiborne, Inc.

“I am delighted to comment on the sweet genius of Leah Komaiko who took 20 kids, a big corporate message and a lot of heart and turned that into a product with the idea that all mothers are working mothers. And all are precious.”
Maya Angelou Poet, Bestselling Author, Civil-Rights Activist

“What makes Leah so good is she draws the story out of you and lays it out so you can see it for yourself. I was amazed. She helped me take an idea I couldn’t fully believe in and turn it into an iconic leather goods brand in just three years. She is creative, uniquely strategic and a brilliant wordsmith. Plus, she has a big heart.”
Jennifer Tash Founder and Creator, Isabella Fiore

“OMG, Leah… After years of thinking, tinkering, and planning, I thank my lucky stars I was smart enough to hire you to help brand my baby before launching her out into the world. Just in the knick of time, your genius clarified everything.”
Linda Sivertsen Bookmama.com, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Leah If you like, I will shout it from the rooftops the world over – You are the best!. My time spent with you was worth every penny!”
Monica Parker Author, “Getting Waisted,” HCI Publishers; Motivational Speaker and TV Producer

“Leah’s insight helped us transform into a brand far beyond the product. She’s fast, thoughtful and you know she cares. I always knew we were more than a brownie company but couldn’t figure it out. We needed help in communicating and crafting our brand and with my story. I now have an easy, clear direction and intention behind every decision I make – something I didn’t have before working with her. And we’re now in Whole Foods and Williams & Sonoma to name a few.”
Todd Kelly Owner, Better Together Baking Company

“Thanks Leah for getting to the core of my message. It’s perfect for me as a corporate motivational speaker and also as creator of a cycling club that changes kids lives forever. I couldn’t have done it on my own. You were even more help than I expected. I so appreciate your Olympic listening and focus.”
Connie Paraskevin Olympic Champion, Speaker. Founder, Connie Cycling; The Velo Sports Center

“Thank you, Leah. This book probably would not be the book and success it is (or at all) without your guidance and brand smarts. Oh and did I mention sense of humor?”
Claire Fontaine and Mia Fontaine Speakers/Authors, of the Bestselling, “Comeback” HarperCollins

“Leah has a way of deeply listening to you. She helped me see my real story, the one I thought I “Shouldn’t tell in business.” That shifted everything for me; it shifted how I see my business. It got us onto The Rachael Ray Show for starters and in a few short years, we’ve expanded our camp locations from one to three across the country. It’s beyond what I could have imagined.”
Annie Brody Owner, Camp Unleashed

“As a 20 year publishing veteran, an Ad Age Marketing 50 Recipient and now an author myself, I’ve worked with the best and brightest in the business. Leah is forward thinking and truly innovative in creating ways to connect books to brands. She understands both the publishing side of the business and the way corporate alliances work. She has both the ability and the strategic thinking required to bring those two worlds together for powerful results. And we got them!”
Cindy Ratzlaff Brand Evangelist. Social Media Strategist and Co-Author of the Bestseller, “Queen of your Own Life” Harlequin

“Leah knows the publishing business inside and out. I have sent clients to her for book development and marketing strategies. I’ve also asked her for a few of my own. She’s one of the best writers I know. And she’s a delight to work with.”
Patti Breitman Author, Literary Agent “Men are From Mars Women are From Venus”, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series and others.

“My experience with Leah has made it clear that she’s a branding genius. Plus she’s a bestselling children’s book author. So if you want the story of your brand to be as memorable and viral as say, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” she’s the only one who can do that for you.”
Mahesh Grossman President, AuthorsTeam.com and Author of “Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger”