“How Difficult It Is To Be Simple”    Vincent Van Gogh

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Hello! I’m Leah Komaiko. I help businesses with big ideas become beloved brands. We identify the story that only you can tell, the essence of what makes you natural and extraordinary and why that matters to your customers. My clients are entrepreneurs, brand-ready authors, and some of the world’s biggest brands with a fervent purpose and the resources to follow it through.

Whether you’re planting first seeds, positioning a book idea, extending your existing brand or just trying to pinpoint the difference you know you’re here to make, you’re not alone. Recognizing your purpose and magic on your own is like trying to see your face without a mirror.

I bring to the branding process a one-of-a-kind expertise. As the bestselling author of 20 bestselling children’s books and a prolific public speaker, I discovered a powerful connection between what delights us to our core and what ignites lasting brand value. In our work together, we tap into what that means for you and then make it real. It’s simple, but not easy.

Once you get to simple, everything else gets easier.


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“The sweet genius of Leah Komaiko is she took 20 kids, a big corporate mandate and a lot of heart and turned all into a product and message that all mothers are working mothers. And all are precious.”
Maya Angelou Poet, Bestselling Author, Civil-Rights Activist

“Leah was referred to me as having a unique ability to get to the heart of a business’s simple story and big picture for growth. Having worked with the best, I was skeptical. But she revealed surprising new insights that were right under my nose. Our profits are up and so is my enthusiasm since Leah helped me remember why I started this in the first place.”
Robert Schwartz Entrepreneur, Founder, Tarrytown Executive Conference Center

Thank you Leah for giving such beautiful voice to each and every brand you touch.”
Cristina Carlino Founder, Philosophy Skincare

Leah knows story and what gives yours an edge as a bold brand. Her work has inspired me for years and if you don’t believe it, just ask me.”
Jamie Lee Curtis Author, Actress, Activist